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HYEGRAPH is a select numbered edition that recreates.

Minas Gharibian’s popular works of art, HYEGRAPHS are produced exlusively by Sevan Gallery and are as beautiful as their original. Each HYEGRAPH is processed using only the best textured acid free fine art paper and with only UV protected inks. Finally, each HYEGRAPH is signed, numbered and authenticated by Minas Gharibian.

Artworks that have HYEGRAPHS available will be identified with the Letter H after their numbers. When the painting is opened, the information of size, edition number and price will be provided.

We hope you will take a look of our art on the website and please enjoy the artworks.

Whatever your need, Sevan Gallery is always prepared to assist you with all your art and framing projects.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge all our friends, patrons and art lovers everywhere and thank them for helping Sevan Gallery keep art alive.

About Minas Gharibian

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Minas was born in 1947 in the Armenian village of Gharghoon. As a young boy, he was seldom interested in his studies, nor anxious to achieve high scores. Although good natured and well liked, he was never able to adhere to rigid rules and strict policies. He had all the prerequisites of being a free spirit at an early age.

During his high school years, his talent for drawing pictures and painting various subjects was discovered. Even the most critical of his teachers agreed that he had an artistic gift and advised him to further his education in this area. Given such strong encouragement, he enrolled in the Art Academy and majored in Art.

In 1970, he began to establish himself in his chosen field. The following years proved most valuable as he worked to distinguish himself through his artwork. Yet the more he mastered in his artistry, the more he demanded of himself. It was his belief then, and still is today, that an artist can never be satisfied and is in a continual cycle of growth and discovery. During this period, he fraternized with fellow artists and formed valuable relationships in his profession. This would lead to numerous group exhibitions and ultimately, his first one-man show at the Hotel Continental Galleria. His works were so well received that all sixty-eight paintings were sold out! Soon more shows would follow at prestigious galleries.

With conditions thus favorable, he set his sights even higher and arrived in the United States in 1979. He quickly adjusted to his new home in Chicago and began pursuing his artistic goals immediately. He began his association with Merrill Chase Galleries, Ltd. This respected establishment was recognized for handling the most selective fine art. Through Chase, Minas’ paintings were displayed in Nevada and the midwestern states. His works were also exclusively featured in Seattle, Washington at the Ken Behm Galleries. As his recognition grew, so did the requests for his participation in exhibitions in the art community and various cultural societies. In 1984, he was invited to exhibit his work at the express request of the Prelacy of the All Saints Armenian Church in New York.

While all these activities were taking place in his career, Minas continued his goal of establishing his own gallery. This was accomplished when the doors of Sevan Gallery opened in June, 1980. His association with reputable art houses continued for an additional ten years. Meanwhile, Sevan Gallery also grew during that period of time and earned a reputation for its sophisticated fine art offerings and quality gallery services. Now came the time when Minas could devote all his energies to his art and his gallery.
Today, Sevan Gallery appreciates a strong base of loyal friends and devoted art lovers, all of which have helped Minas continue pursuing his many other goals. But don’t worry about being left out. No, No, No. He’ll be sharing all the interesting news and latest developments at Sevan Gallery with you on this website!

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