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as art instructor / mentor

Minas will be starting up classes to mentor a few lucky students in the field of fine art painting.
Teaching the student in any medium the student chooses. Minas, a professional artist who has
worked in most every medium available to an artist will guide students, starting with thebasics and
advancing them to true fine artists. When the Sevan Gallery was back on Petersen Ave, Minas
mentored individuals privately due to the lack of space. Now that the gallery has ample room
Minas has decided to take in students again, in small groups to teach them all he knows in a
much nicer gallery/classroom atmosphere.
Please call or stop by the Sevan Gallery to get more info and to sign up.

Custom One Day Framing Available.

Good To See You Again!

Since 1979, Sevan Gallery has remained your place for fine art, complete with oil paintings, watercolors, etchings, and limited editions serigraphs.

Introducing Sevan Gallery's exclusive


HYEGRAPH is a select numbered edition that recreates.

Minas Gharibian's popular works of art. HYEGRAPHS are produced exlusively by Sevan Gallery and are as beautiful as their original. Each HYEGRAPH is processed using only the best textured acid free fine art paper and with only UV protected inks. Finally, each HYEGRAPH is signed, numbered and authenticated by MINAS GHARIBIAN.

Artworks that have HYEGRAPHS available will be identified with the Letter H after their numbers. When the painting is opened, the information of size, edition number and price will be provided.

We hope you will take a leisurely stroll in some of the "Gallery Tours" and enjoy the artworks.

Whatever your need, Sevan Gallery is always prepared to assist you with all your art and framing projects.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge all our friends, patrons and art lovers everywhere and thank them for helping Sevan Gallery keep art alive.






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